cold air tickles
around my ear
fresh haircut

—Elena Sherman

Elena writes: I am, after many years in the computer industry, enjoying focusing on my artistic side. While I had heard of haiku I had never read any until a member of the National Writer's Union suggested this site. This is my very first haiku which I composed while driving home after a long overdue haircut.

About the author: Elena Sherman, hephzibah at mindspring dot com


Responses to the haiku for 24 January 2001 by Elena Sherman

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2003-09-08 18:48:50

    i am reminded of tchouang-tseu's denying the artificiality(things created by man's skills) and the utilitarianism(the most good for the most people). to him, things intellectually low is where the value was placed; it was to be understood, life was not to go against the natural law.

    i try not to expound the technicalities in the haiku, because i feel to each, his/her own.

    in reading elena's work, i see something extremely simple and readily understood by all.

    thinking of ippekiro nakatsuka:

    "the baby came in the world with hair

    or even hisajo sugita, and her:

    "in a day of chrysanthemums
    i shake and comb my wet hair
    letting the drops falls"

    or koi nagata:

    "hairs fall
    also to my back
    oh mountains and rivers"

    elena piece would have been terrific, if only a little mystery was presented.

    case in point:

    cold air tickles around my ear
    fresh haircut
    car's window fogs up