winter sunrise--
only pale green moss
on the cottonwoods

—Billie Wilson

About the author: Billie Wilson, akwilsons at gci dot net

Billie Wilson has lived in Juneau, Alaska, since 1962. She had been writing "haiku-shaped" poetry for about 30 years before she learned about the haiku world that was very alive and well beyond her notebook of poems. Since making
that discovery, she has become an avid student of the ancient as well as the modern-day masters and has developed a particularly potent addiction to online
haiku lists.

Responses to the haiku for 3 December 2001 by Billie Wilson

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2003-12-05 08:05:28

    dusk in winter ...
    the bare trees

    nils dahlgren
    2005-09-11 16:48:42

    winter dawn
    only one coin
    in the beggars cup

    hello from norway, your neighbor to the north!

    miami heat
    how to explain the northern lights
    to a southerner

    2005-09-11 17:09:27

    nils, I like your "winter dawn" much more than I like my own. Thanks for sharing it!

    2008-12-21 15:28:55

    northern lights--
    this miami night
    harvest moon lace the intercoastal