autumn chill
last of the snow curled up
in a maple leaf

—Cindy Tebo

About the author: My poetry has previously appeared in Amaze and Sol Magazine.

Responses to the haiku for 5 November 2002 by Cindy Tebo

    edmund (edmundhardy at hotmail dot com)
    2003-03-06 19:09:34

    This is one of my favourite haiku on the tinywords site. The image of the last of the snow preserved liked a gift is so vivid and fresh. I'd even say that the world is a slightly better place with this haiku in it!

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2003-03-23 12:01:53

    come monday, new haiku...
    today, read anew"

    edmund, i am to be in agreement with the imagery drawn from cindy's piece.

    however, being in agreement with one out of three of your statements sounds like a winner to me.

    i was captivated, until this little light went "off" in my head.
    there, i stood in the darkness.
    upon recalling, seasons go accordingly, spring, summer, fall, then winter.
    then, my mind, within it's self, began to argue the point.

    case in point:

    spring chill...
    last of the snow curled up...
    in maple leaf

    also there's a key word, "last".
    sure, you may argue, there is to be an early snow fall in the latter part of the season called autumn, before winter's relief comes to re-inforce; in addition to leaves being similar during early spring or late autumn.
    feasibly, more readers would possibly intertwine with spring in mind.

    oh well, this being the weekend, i am set upon by previously unread haiku...

    1000, ugh