sunrise in the river...
I let the fish
bite my toes

—K. Ramesh

About the author: K. Ramesh, aniram86 at

I write haiku, tanka and free verse. My works have appeared in magazines and anthologies published in India and abroad. I work as a teacher in a J Krishnamurti School in Chennai, India.


Responses to the haiku for 20 June 2003 by K. Ramesh

    Margarita Engle
    2003-06-20 11:01:27

    I love this haiku. The visual image is so vivid, and it brings back to life the childhood experience of wonder venturing into the sea.

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2003-06-20 11:25:59

    amusing, but these things do happen.

    however, one word caused me to ponder what the author had "in" mind.
    was the word "in" used to represent the individual actually being in the water, if so, are we trying to say too much, while not giving thought to the natural order of things...

    Rakesh Thukral (rt110 at rediffmail dot com)
    2003-06-21 06:03:05

    Its a very nice Haiku. So vivid.

    paul m.
    2003-06-23 14:13:58

    A wonderful juxtaposition! The fishes' bites add a unique "feel" to an ordinary sunrise. Very original and enjoyable

    john tiong chunghoo
    2003-12-31 22:54:24

    last breath
    pet dog moves
    its paw to me

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2004-06-22 20:29:49

    humid morning,
    the blue jay's wings ...
    cool me down


    Saravanan B
    2007-02-07 12:03:10

    A morning driving
    on a highway,
    hands still at steering
    Eyes stationed at huge Orange ball !!

    2009-01-23 11:53:54

    cold darkness
    through the blinds--
    this rooster yet crows