sudden rainshowers-
the street vendor changes the sign

—shirley cahayom

About the author: shirley cahayom
brooklyn, new york
shaman99 at

i was born in the philippines, educated in the oldest existing catholic university in the country even older than harvard, had been a college instructor, worked as children governess in the middle east, currently working in an alternative cancer clinic in new york city trying in my own little way to ease the pain and suffering of the terminally ill. i had been writing traditional haiku on and off since my college days but got seriously involved with it again since march of 2002. since then, i never stop writing and trying to get them published. publications include still, asahi haikuist network, the illinois times etc.


Responses to the haiku for 19 August 2003 by shirley cahayom

    Mark Eugenio (PatuissetIsland at aol dot com)
    2003-08-19 18:00:30

    Ah, what a way to brighten up a rainy day with the purchase of flowers,and to the marketing genius of the vendor.

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2003-08-21 07:27:51


    a haiku's powers, "causing a reader to recall a moment experienced, or could experience"

    such was the case of your moment; now my "however", however a bit wordy, at times we can say too much and hinder the moment; hmmm i hear others thinking, "can you really imagine that, bob"

    the thought came to mind of my doing the same thing in my business, being spurred to having a "sale", caused by a few other catalyst, in addition to rain

    what do you think of this:

    sudden "rainshowers"-
    signs of changes

    a brief explanation; one reading the first and last line can compare the bargain with a rain storm, a sudden "more for your money", and get a complete thought

    signs of changes, if one thinks about it, the "rain" indicating a change in weather, and the for "sale's sign", signaling a change in price; both presenting a little more for you than the usual, for a brief period

    love to say more, but, exhibiting brevity