from icicles
water and moonlight

—John Sandbach

About the author: I was born in San Fransisco in 1948. I have been a professional astrologer since 1966. I am also a massage therapist, and teach at a massage school in Kansas City, Missouri. I have had two books of haiku published, "Step Into Sky", published in a bilingual edition (Japanese/English) by Happa-no-kofu press in Tokyo, and "Wrinkled Sea", published by Hikoo Press in Kansas City, Missouri.


Responses to the haiku for 6 January 2004 by John Sandbach

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2004-01-06 06:37:56

    heaven bound
    above the wintry clouds -
    morning flight


    bigger picture
    in-between earth and sky -
    endless clouds


    sunrise closer
    piebald wintry sky -
    life flies by


    winter dawn
    dew on the wings -
    flight nears the sun


    Marjo in San Franccisco (marjosfo at earthlink dot net)
    2004-01-07 00:49:31

    rocks from Mars
    beaming photos from
    NASA golf cart

    john tiong chunghoo (bagiruang at yahoo dot com)
    2004-01-07 10:28:14

    after the rain
    the roses
    a collection of wet dreams

    Vaughn Banting (banting3 at cox dot net)
    2004-01-07 11:13:40

    in the dark
    gazing at the moon
    I make out a rabbit

    ed markowski
    2004-01-13 22:05:07

    midnight madness sale
    the full moon
    lost in a spotlight

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2004-08-01 15:28:24

    sunny day
    doves flight to the umbrella tree ...
    abrupt summer storm