under an eave
small white shard
of a broken egg

—Margaret Hehman-Smith

Previously published in Haiku Headlines, May 2003.

About the author: Margaret Hehman-Smith, margaret at hehmansmith-artwork.com

The author is a member of the Southern California Haiku Study Group (socalhaiku@yahoogroups.com). Margaret's first haiku chapbook, "Dedicated to Abandoned Animals," is now available at American Haiku Archives, Cal State Library, 900 N Street, Sacramento, California. Her drawings in the book are of animals she rescued.


Responses to the haiku for 13 April 2004 by Margaret Hehman-Smith

    Marjo in San Francisco (marjosfo at earthlink dot net)
    2004-04-13 12:51:52

    bees' nest
    ... swarming flurry
    under garage eave

    artsy (artsysf at earthlink dot net)
    2004-04-13 15:47:19

    barefoot in clover
    bee loves
    my big toe

    Mark Eugenio (PatuissetIsland at aol dot com)
    2004-04-13 15:47:22

    wind blown tree catkins--
    releasing your hoard of gold
    nesting birds you keep

    ed markowski (1elmarko at comcast dot net)
    2004-04-13 17:11:21

    first light
    she adds a dozen eggshells
    to the compost pile

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2004-04-13 21:12:20

    spring, thawed ground
    mat of brown pine needles --
    dove's fluffy feather at rest


    Vasile Moldovan (vasilemoldovan at yahoo dot com)
    2004-04-23 08:52:50

    A featherless chicken
    hunting everywhere for its nest...
    the mother - nowhere

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2004-08-23 20:02:26

    black gallinules, long-extended toes
    morning swim --
    chicks' pek peks