hot bright day
clop clopping in the street
a policeman's horse

—Gillena Cox

About the author: Now retired from the Government service where I worked from 1968 to 2003. Born February 1950. I am married to Anthony Cox since 1971; we have two children - a daughter Yanda; and a son Khama. Writing poetry is my dearest hobby. I enjoy the aspect of abstraction in haiku. Beside my writing I spend quiet time reading and crocheting. I also enjoy a challenging game of Scrabble. I am a member of the World Haiku Club and some of my poems appears at World Haiku Review, my work can also be read at The Heron's Nest, In Buddha's Temple, Charnwood, Wordchimes, and My poetry site is PatchWork, poetry for the whole family.


Responses to the haiku for 8 June 2005 by Gillena Cox

    2005-06-08 22:47:15

    breakfast on the go
    the street vendor
    who knows me by name

    bob richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2005-06-09 03:10:24

    just as bright --
    cross the green field
    duck and countless brood

    wonderfully strange, getting slow by rush hour traffic. my vision captures a mother leading her rather numerous piebald hatchlings, as though on parade to the world, cross this field of green splendor; where even the full blades of grass come in second, in number and beauty

    2005-06-09 05:02:26

    Just last week I glimpsed two white geese (rather large)crossing (quite confidently) a busy intersection in Harvard Square (walking in the crosswalk with the appropriate "WALK" flashing)...

    looking for the pond
    with their webbed yellow feet
    strolling city streets

    so proud and confident
    looking straight ahead
    Harvard Book store on the right?
    they went left instead

    john tiong chunghoo
    2005-06-09 09:50:40

    hot bright day
    my shadow can't
    leave me alone

    levon machenry
    2005-06-09 20:10:49

    too hot for the cows on this 6th
    day of july nineteen hundred and
    twenty three. wiley led them back
    to the barn just before noon. by
    three o'clock it cooled down a tad.
    after all was said and done, we
    fried some chicken and had a nice
    peach cobbler. everybody ate.

    too hot for cows
    a ballgame breaks out
    in wiley's pasture

    2005-06-10 21:49:49

    bright day
    the smell of manure and hay

    2009-03-22 15:00:26

    while waiting for spring
    no two snowflakes alike--
    nor birds-of-a-feather