white cloud gliding
over the mirrored lake--
ibis dips a wingtip

—bobby michael richardson

About the author: bobby michael richardson
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"my haiku tend to be more epigrammatic and offer commentary, often ironic, on the world or universe at large. which is not to say one approach is better than the other, but merely different --"


Responses to the haiku for 4 August 2005 by bobby michael richardson

    2005-08-04 11:58:59

    whitecaps on surf
    bobbing up and down

    lawrence williams
    2005-08-04 16:31:57

    good to see you in the spotlight. i think
    drift"" would have been a better choice
    than ""gliding"".

    cloudless sky
    water moccasins twist
    across the heavens"

    kala ramesh
    2005-08-04 19:03:37

    bob -
    it is great to see you on top-

    night hems in. . .
    the moon and the stars
    float on the lake


    Anne Schmidt
    2005-08-05 06:37:27

    Lawrence, the word gliding"" is excellent here as it does double duty...the ibis IS the cloud gliding over the lake...the AHA I was explaining yesterday. Good zen, bobby"

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-08-05 11:17:36

    thank you anne, and all.

    in south florida, on hot days, when aren't they, one tends to imagine moreover; yes, the ibis being the cloud.

    lawrence, i'd thought of the word drift"", if only the ibis had been afloat, rather than (gliding on thermal winds), then my work would have proceeded along these lines:

    white cloud drifting
    cross the mirrored lake --
    until the ibis took flight

    (even so, some may perceive this being a shattering experience, with rippling effects)"

    john tiong chunghoo
    2005-08-06 00:13:27

    sound of waves
    the ship bobs up
    and down the sky

    2009-04-18 05:13:08

    spring morning
    ripples in the canal--
    red-faced black fowl swims upstream