busy weekend
a withered leaf falls
beside the broom

—Israel López Balan

About the author: I'm a mexican buddhist with a jewish name and mayan-spanish last names, who writes japanese haiku in english... What a cocktailized world!


Responses to the haiku for 15 August 2005 by Israel López Balan

    Anthony slauson
    2005-08-15 07:57:39

    the next morning
    looking for,
    the sidewalk flower

    2005-08-15 14:05:45

    I am an Albanian Haiku Poet. A haiku for you:

    To the source
    A watery tear
    Licking a stone...

    And now instead my replay: Our world is very small like a lemon. fruit.

    2005-08-16 00:00:14

    Como lágrimas los ojos
    dejamos hogares: el mundo,
    un pañuelo.

    I'm a Venezuelan-born Galician presently living in Austria and writing in a pastry of languages, my brain a global mess (hmm, that sentence may become a Haiku).

    Thanks for sharing your roots and your poetry.

    john tiong chunghoo
    2005-08-16 02:57:50

    school holiday
    a bird flutters, chirps
    at lonely corridor

    lee evans
    2005-08-17 14:42:09

    what were you doing licking a stone? or
    am i missing something in translation?
    your lemon analogy is also very funny.
    you could be the next william hung.

    isreal,your haiku is quite good. enjoyed
    it, but then kujtim upstaged you.

    work detail
    with each stroke of the rake
    leg irons rattle


    2005-08-17 15:25:58

    Dear Lee Evans,
    It is not my fault but it is by my little knowings in English language. With the verse Licking a stone"" I mean a stone where the water of source is flowing from the rock and it falls over a stone or a flagstone. Further I don't know as to explain. Excuse me for every misunderstanding.

    My best wishes Kujtim from Albania and not hung. It is from there 2000 km long."

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-08-17 20:36:24

    kujtim, your explanation was wonderfully done.
    it caused me to give more than a few passing
    seconds to your words.

    in the little light
    after midnight --
    my thoughts erupt