a plastic dump truck
in the freckled shade

—Mike Farley

About the author: I live with my wife Shirlee on a cattle ranch near the little ski town of Red Lodge, Montana, and have been loving and writing haiku for several years now. I draw my inspiration from the images of the high-plains, mountains, weather, wildlife, livestock, ranch work and outdoor recreation which surround me daily.

Responses to the haiku for 21 September 2005 by Mike Farley

    Anne Schmidt
    2005-09-21 12:01:29

    Seven downed cottonwoods
    broken forts and tiny huts

    Anne Schmidt
    2005-09-21 12:02:02

    Try that again...

    Anne Schmidt
    2005-09-21 12:06:16

    Oops! Klutzy fingers. Today is not my day--Try AGAIN...

    Seven downed cottonwoods--
    broken forts; children weep--
    Sudden summer storm

    yee chop hoi
    2005-09-21 14:40:43

    no offense meant, but i think
    you have tried to hard to
    form juxtaposition where
    there is none. i mean this in
    the kindest of ways. now off to the meditation bench.

    toddler's breath
    a toy tug boat

    e. hayden
    2005-09-21 16:43:02

    Very nice haiku! Here are a few from the east coast of Florida.

    hurricane season;
    palm fronds blowing
    the cool breeze

    summer evening,
    in my tea

    under the moon
    the beach causeway stretches
    on and on

    Ed Schwellenbach
    2005-09-21 17:49:49

    sweltering evening---
    porch screens wearing coats
    of cottonwood fluff

    taking notes
    in the shade of cottonwood
    a young milkweed

    2005-09-21 18:40:02

    fluffy white seed
    on the windshield ---
    the car graveyard

    john tiong chunghoo
    2005-09-21 21:13:49

    cotton mill
    nearby plants
    blanketed in white

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-09-22 18:09:35

    you gave me reason to smile tonight, anne s.
    you left me wondering, what else.

    i, too, have those kind of days

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-09-27 00:01:41

    past midnight-
    in the hazy moonlight
    shadows come to life