midday sun--
a tree frog on the french door
turns translucent

—Mary Chapman

About the author: My name is Mary Chapman; I am married and the mother of three boys. I have always enjoyed reading poetry. My interest was sparked while in High School. We were challenged by an English teacher to write a love poem. It was not until recently that I became interested in haiku. I also write short stories and poetry. My favorite all time poet is Edgar Allen Poe.

Responses to the haiku for 12 October 2005 by Mary Chapman

    john tiong chunghoo
    2005-10-12 06:42:34

    indian summer
    the veins of the cameleon's
    translucent open mouth

    G. Wilson
    2005-10-12 09:17:07

    shattered windows
    broken in a dream--
    childhood home

    Erin Curry
    2005-10-12 12:57:00

    nighttime windowpane
    an anole curves with starred feet
    swallows mosquitos

    kujtim agalliu
    2005-10-12 13:33:58

    the river's tide
    a hungry dog
    catching the moon over the waves

    to the fence with nettles
    a dog is pissing

    Albania,10.12. 005

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-10-16 07:17:20

    in full song--
    crickets, cicadas, and katydids

    marilyn raff
    2005-11-25 18:56:19

    Vines begin to climb
    as morning glory shoots up
    portulaca weaves

    Petals catch the light
    Whirls of blossoms wake the senses
    nature is rattled

    2009-05-09 12:44:02

    this duck flying
    as the world darkens--
    around me