fishing in the rain --
I let a rainbow trout
off the hook

—hortensia anderson

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My creative interest lies in the opportunities for collaborative poetry projects on the internet. I have been able to work with poets from Europe, Australia, Asia, and from coast to coast in the US. I currently reside in nyc and on the world wide web.

Responses to the haiku for 26 October 2005 by hortensia anderson

    yooper nils
    2005-10-26 12:12:52

    this haiku from lac la belle
    in michigan's keweenaw peninsula. december of 04.
    nice work hortensia.

    night fishing
    moonlight fills
    a hole in the ice

    yee hop choi
    2005-10-26 14:07:27

    maybe this way...

    night fishing
    moonligt falls through
    a hole in the ice

    2005-10-26 14:51:13

    I throw a fishline into the lake
    and caught
    the remembrances of love

    H. Gene Murtha
    2005-10-26 14:55:23

    Dear H-

    I hope that you are feeling well. Love L3, what did you let the
    trout off the hook for, lobster?

    lucky from wisconsin
    2005-10-26 15:17:51

    being from land 'o lakes
    gotta tell ya i made thhis
    catch at lac du flambeau
    last winter about 30 yards
    from shore in 8 foot of water.

    ice fishing
    i bring up from the bottom
    a bikini bottom

    and that ain't no fish story
    yooper. see ya in iron river

    Craig McLanachan
    2005-10-26 17:28:40

    This haiku resonates beautifully and is one of the finest I have seen of late. The rain, rainbow/trout is a master stroke.

    john tiong chunghoo
    2005-10-27 04:09:23

    the little fish to get
    the big fish

    john tiong chunghoo
    2005-10-27 04:09:42

    the little fish
    to get the big fish

    e. hayden
    2005-10-27 16:54:05

    i knew there had to be other haiku fishermen! excellent!

    Anthony Slauson
    2005-10-28 06:32:39

    a forest pool
    rainbows pacing
    awaiting spring showers

    bobby michael richardson
    2005-10-29 23:45:05

    in the dark--
    fearful of what held my line


    from such a subtle poem, i envisioned casting upwards into the (falling) rain, being lucky enough to catch, but not land, a rainbow.

    the power of one's imagination, when reading a haiku...
    especially, on a rainy day, when one fails to get a single bite