late edition--
the typesetter eats a plum
beside the presses

—d. f. tweney

Hello all. I apologize for not posting any new haiku for the past month. tinywords takes a surprisingly large amount of my time, and as the sole editor, the burden is becoming a bit heavy after 5 years of publication. It's time for me to work on some writing projects of my own now. Between my day job and my family, that doesn't leave me any free moments to evaluate your haiku submissions and give them the careful, undivided attention they deserve.

tinywords will not go away -- the haiku that have been published here will remain, and I will keep the comments functions open as long as discussion remains civil. So please, enjoy the haiku archives (and don't overlook the 985 haiku in the old archive, either).

I hope to be able to resume publication, in some form, before too long. I'm open to new ideas. If you have suggestions about what the next phase of tinywords could be -- or if you're interested in being a guest editor for awhile -- please contact me at dylan at tweney dot com (turn the at and the dot into their respective symbols to make a real email address).

Thanks for visiting!

About the author: d. f. tweney (dft at tinywords dot com) is the publisher and chief haikuvangelist of A technology journalist, he has also worked as a weed whacker, pizza chef, ESL teacher, and environmental activist, and he won the Boston Poetry Slam in 1992. He is secretly Canadian.

Responses to the haiku for 25 January 2006 by d. f. tweney

    2006-01-25 10:01:16

    Glad to hear you are ok, Dylan. I hope we can keep Tinywords going among the rest of us until your schedule allows you to take over when you can.

    kala ramesh
    2006-01-25 11:30:11

    I guess you need to move on.... but how on earth can tinywords ever function without you? We shall all miss tinywords and you Dylan - you can be rest assured of that.

    Here's wishing you a great future in what ever your heart desires

    Let each day flower and bloom for you -
    in the same way that tinywords did
    for all of us all these years.


    levon machenry
    2006-01-25 19:47:21

    you're like the ed sullivan of the haiku world. you've run
    a great variety show for the last five years, and have
    provided a world wide venue for both established and
    new haiku poets. the vaunted modern haiku, and frogpond
    couldn't do that. your site has been free of nepotism and
    favoritism. you deserve a standing O.

    2006-01-26 09:45:52

    Levon, a thousand thanks. you've actually brought a tear to my eye. sometimes all I hear are complaints (e.g.: haiku are supposed to be 5-7-5! why the hell didn't you pick my haiku? what is this hallmark crap you call haiku? take me off your mailing list NOW!) so the compliments are a welcome sound to my ears, indeed.

    2006-01-26 10:00:09

    Hi Dylan! (-;

    Just saw this page now, and relieved you're okay. Yep, I echo all the sentiments above. Real glad you're okay, and appreciate you gotta look after yourself, I know only too well about that myself!

    Thanks for over the years, much appreciated.


    2006-01-26 19:49:48

    Ignore the sourpusses, Dylan, you've done a great job all these years. Most people have no clue how much time and effort a project like this takes. Kudos to you on a great run! May it, or something better, continue in the near future.

    bobby michael richardson
    2006-01-27 02:32:40

    to borrow a word from levon, shucks"" dft what can i say that hasn't appeared to have been said. albeit, over the years you know i somehow seem to manage.
    your hiatus provided me time to explore the san mateo area, pacifica, the ongoings surrounding your home, and to read ""the tweney review"". (even tried to call)
    as you've mentioned there are a wealth of haiku throughout the archives to keep one busy, focusing and commenting, for years.
    dft, have you thought of publishing the archives over the years to come.

    once again, those 400 characters are rather abruptly used up.
    dft, only the BEST in your endeavors..."

    Anthony Slauson
    2006-01-27 06:36:45

    Good to hear from you Dylan,
    Thanks for your time and efforts-Tiny words has put sparkle in my day.
    During the hiatus, how about sending us some of your poems to be read and commented on-that way it will give you a break from the editing and keep tiny words going with some new poetry. Best Wishes,

    2006-01-27 08:25:54

    Years, aware of haiku... my first interest in this form began a mere 6 months ago as a new visiter to tinywords. An innocent"" that has learned, I've a lot more to learn. The haiku and invaluable comments... have been the teachers.
    As its Headmaster... I heartily thank you DYLAN, tinywords contributors and visiters... for spurring my impetus.
    Magyar, at Plymouth MA"

    Georgia Kornbluth
    2006-01-27 15:05:33

    sure do miss
    my daily haiku fix!
    oh sob!

    go in peace
    thanks for the ride
    tend to your life

    don't forget
    to tell me if tinywords
    revives someday


    2006-01-27 17:17:30

    Best wishes! I certainly understand how time consuming editing a daily publication can be! We all extend sincere wishes to you in your own individual writing endeavors. Please know that this site has been an absolute blessing to us all. It is quite painful to see Tinywords coming to an end, but lets remember:
    "All is cold beauty
    pain is never done."

    2006-01-28 17:14:40

    Oh, my I just visited to sign-up again. I will miss TinyWords if it does not continue. Even though my own life took me away from it for some time, I always felt it would be there when I came back. Sigh.

    I, for one, know all too well how much time and energy projects of this nature can take up. I wish you the best in the future and thank you for all you've done.

    ed markowski
    2006-01-28 17:54:23

    a thousand thanks, and a thousand bows to you.
    i agree with levon, a great variety show that gave
    equal time to all, both the "names" & the "no names."
    enjoyed the poems, the comments, and the more
    spirited discussions that evolved.
    blessings in all that you do.
    ed markowski

    curtain call
    the performer bows deeply
    to the host

    2006-01-29 12:19:43

    Hi Dylan,
    I'm sorry to hear that you're putting on hold. I've had chronic computer problems and just discovered your decision. In my opinion, tinywords is still a wonderful idea. A haiku sent to people with cell phones and other mobile devices around the world. What an original way to support English haiku. Perhaps in some future season, might reawaken with new possibilities.

    Thank You Dylan,

    the blizzard
    drifts its weight
    the sun! a clutter of
    yellow and blue flakes
    Hairy looking trees stand out
    in long alleys
    over a wild solitude.
    The man turns and there
    his solitary track stretched out
    upon the world.

    Excerpts from Sour Grapes, 1921.

    William Carlos Williams

    2006-01-29 14:11:07




    All the work that you've done on has been greatly appreciated. Good luck.


    andrea [ushi]
    2006-01-29 14:39:44

    Really five years? I remember when you started, and the haiga postcards too. Best wishes to you and your family, Dylan.

    morning glory vines
    at noon
    needing water

    -- ushi

    Bill Kenney
    2006-01-29 20:59:09

    Putting it simply, you will be missed.

    2006-01-30 19:30:26


    I wish you the best and look foward to seeing your work in the little print journals. In fact, feel free to send me a submission to my new journal devoted to haiku, senryu, and tanka. You can read more at
    Thanks for publishing my work and I've enjoyed reading all of the contributors the last couple of years since I found your site.

    shirley weese
    2006-01-31 19:33:38

    Dear Dylan:
    I am so glad that you are ok, I will miss tiny words very much. It was such a great part of my day. I learned so much from you and all the contributors. Thanks and thanks again. I will miss you, but hope and pray that you will be back again and soon.
    All the best in your indevours, may you be happy and successful in what ever you do. A great pleasure to know you.
    Shirley Weese

    2006-02-02 14:53:18

    I would like to extend an invitation to any and everyone that is looking for a new Haiku site to tune in to... just stop by my site:

    It is a biweekly site with pretty high quality haiku, tanka, and short poetry. I promise you won't be disappointed!
    ~ Best, Felica S.

    2006-02-03 14:42:05

    Thank you for the effort you've put in thes last several years. You have been encouraging to those of us struggling with our poetry. I appreciate that.

    Deborah P Kolodji
    2006-02-03 16:33:53


    It was with a heavy heart that I read your news, but I wish you well. I want to thank you for the daily lift that has been appearing on my cell phone for such a long time. I will miss those welcome beeps which jolted me out of the rat race for a haiku moment"" here and there...

    a haiku
    at the bus stop
    two pigeons

    Deborah P Kolodji"

    red star
    2006-02-03 16:35:55

    viva castro viva chavez viva che viva morales, viva ortega,
    viva all who have the courage to stand up to u.s tyranny,
    most of all VIVA DYLAN!

    2006-02-03 17:32:36

    Dylan, I hope you realize how much your hours
    of hard work have been appreciated!
    I've been missing tinywords, but am delighted to know
    that you're working on your own writing projects --
    and I wish you all the best.
    Your family time is so important...if those moments are
    lost, they cannot be reclamed.

    Thank you for all you've done!

    2006-02-04 10:58:31

    *sigh* Friends, Seinfeld, Everybody loves Raymond, and now this. It was a brilliant idea and I still think TW should be bundled with Windows. Here's to some enlightened heavyweight sponsor making it worth your while.

    2006-02-09 20:28:56

    Thank you Dylan for all those wonderful moments of joy which I
    recieved in my inbox. I wish you the best of luck in what ever
    direction your path my take you.


    2006-02-10 05:57:30


    A thousand thank you's. Your Tiny Words has been my introduction to the joy of haiku, and a present-moment reminder each day.

    My suggestion: I'm a photoblog fan (example, The photographer posts photos (daily or whenever) and viewers can comment. (... continued below)

    2006-02-10 05:58:20

    (… continued from above)
    It creates a little community in which anyone can participate. So my idea is a haikublog. Perhaps it could bring back the fun and energy with which you started this adventure.

    2006-02-10 11:30:58

    If an editor
    You happen to be seeking
    Perhaps I can help?

    Enrolled in college
    But I would rather edit
    Than go out drinking

    2006-02-14 13:52:11

    I woke up today and realized I had not received a haiku for several weeks. I was away for most of December and got out of the habit of looking for them. At first I thought the SPAM filter was deleting them so I added my mobile phone to the tinywords site. Then saw the news. I will miss the unexpected e-mail that just appears. Often they were strangely prophetic or perfectly timed bits of wisdom.

    2006-02-19 21:49:15

    oh no! i just joined your list and found out it has ceased to exist. i please feel free to visit our new haiku site where we attempt to attach poetry to consumerism.

    Tony Morgan
    2006-02-20 10:20:37


    After many years writing tiny poems which I had not had the courage to put out into the world, it was your site that gave me the confidence to submit something - and you published one. You and all your submitters will know what that moment feels like - the first ever publication!

    Thank you Dylan

    boo nichols
    2006-02-21 18:09:32

    friends, seinfeld, raymond? what about mash, cheers,
    and the honeymooners? what about jfk, mlk, and rfk?
    how about babe ruth, willie mays, and reggie jackson?
    not to mention buddy holly, otis redding, and the beatles.
    oh yeah, the packard, the willy's, and the edsel, gone too.

    asked about death
    i tell the children
    everything changes

    hats off to you dylan! enjoy & renew!

    2006-03-07 09:24:07

    Dear Dylan
    I wish you the very best in all that you want to do at this time. Thank you for sharing my haiku here at tinywords, Your novel approach to haiku by mobile phone cannot go unnoticed.
    Best regards and Much Love

    traffic standstill
    high voltage wires
    criss cross above

    David Fox
    2006-03-12 18:43:31

    I've so enjoyed you website and those daily haiku coming into my inbox. Being a sole editor myself (of the print journal, The Poet's Art--contact me at for more info) I can empathize about all the hard effort it takes to maintain any literary venture, whether it be in print or on the web. Good luck on finding help.
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

    2006-03-15 11:13:10

    Missing you. An idea: Could you round up some guest editors to take turns - each one for a month or something? That would give you some time off. And you'd come back renewed. xxx

    Linda Campbell
    2006-03-17 12:22:14

    I sheepishly admit I didn't notice at 1st that daily haiku had stopped for a couple months now; life has been that hectic since the beginning of the year. So I certainly understand your needing a break from it, Dylan, but I'm also selfishly missing those daily pearls. It was the one email I never deleted without reading first. Best wishes and I hope some form of Tiny Words emerges again. Thank you

    2006-03-17 19:22:35

    will miss the poems. will also miss the insightful
    comments of bobby richardson. he deserves a
    round of applause, as do the others who made
    the comments section a thought provoking
    place. dylan, this was a beautiful thing, truly!
    bobby, you were brilliant!

    Ellen G. Olinger
    2006-03-22 14:58:43

    Dear Dylan,

    Thank you for your hard work and generous spirit. All the best to you and your family and our tinywords community. You helped me through some difficult years.

    A poem for my mom:

    learning to be together
    in a brand new way...
    hearing, not yet seeing,
    the red-wings again

    Happy Easter,

    2006-03-26 18:27:41

    I don't suppose there's any chance of an April or May return? (looking up hopefully)

    2006-04-04 06:46:04

    Have we now discovered how lucky we were ?

    A quick look at some of the %#@*#+ out there... the unseemly, masquerading as serious work... serves to spur the hopes that Tinywords may once again... become active.
    I wish there was something that I, considering my lack of literary qualifications, could do... to assist.
    Perhaps... our continued visits here, and our comments ?

    2006-04-17 13:44:03

    It is good thing to get away our haiku through your initiative.
    hank you!
    Kujtim, Albanian

    2009-05-14 17:59:43

    early sunrise--
    crawling through dewy grass
    following glimmer of light