a long day,
the child's silhouette
joins the night

—ann krischus

About the author: My interest in haiku goes back many years. My poems have been included in various online publications including Haiku Light and Temps Libres. Haiku allow me to express gratitude for the gifts of Mother Earth and feel more like prayer than poetry.

Contact: frogphilosopher at hotmail dot com


Responses to the haiku for 30 June 2006 by ann krischus

    Bill Kenney
    2006-06-30 06:09:28

    autumn evening
    following my shadow
    into the shadows

    2006-06-30 14:19:12

    June's scorcher
    an old woman
    kniting wool socks...

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-06-30 17:05:04

    from out of the shadows--
    darkness overshadows
    my shadow

    Bill Kenney
    2006-07-01 10:52:28

    auto silhouettes at
    the crest of the hill

    Gerald Hodge
    2006-07-01 15:38:52

    lovely, Ann

    last light:
    my faithful shadow
    left behind.

    2006-07-01 16:32:47

    Lovely indeed, & it triggered an early childhood memory for me. I've been busy all day, writing a poem about it. Not a haiku, but a whole page! so too long to post here, alas.

    Thanks for the memory!

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-07-01 18:33:42

    georgia, after the passage of years, i continue to be intrigued by my childhood memories; some say i remember things long forgotten by others.
    would you care to share (this page) of childhood memories which has captivated you of late. my eddy is as listed.

    Ed Schwellenbach (eddybacher)
    2006-07-02 03:01:43

    OK orgbob, you've stirred my curiosity ... what is "my eddy"?

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-07-02 06:48:32

    eddy, you've perked my curiosity; beyond the few comments posted, i ponder how many read tinywords, daily.

    to answer your question, eddy simply means e-mail address.

    wikipedia states, "an e-mail address, also known as an eddress(from electronic address )..."

    this evolved into "eddy"; you'd be hard-pressed to find eddy in any acronym listing

    "you've got mail", my sunday delivery

    Ed Schwellenbach
    2006-07-02 08:56:46

    orgbob, thanks for your reply. I was aware of "eddress" but not the evolution of it into "eddy." Wiktionary, which lists alternative forms for eddress, does not list eddy. Whatis.com, a leading IT-specific encyclopedia does not show eddy, and none of my five slang dictionaries show eddy. The all of Google does not yield your usage of eddy. Your reply has piqued my curiosity about its evolution.

    2006-07-02 10:10:16

    Actually, Ed, I believe it is supposed to be "addy", an abbreviation for "address".

    Bob, go to Urban dictionary and check out the entries for "eddy". You might want to rethink using that one.:) Just a thought.

    Ed Schwellenbach (eddybacher at yahoo dot com)
    2006-07-02 10:34:08

    Aurora, thanks for the info. Now I can see how addy could evolve into eddy in the "electronic" world, e.g., mail becomes e-mail or email, and addy becomes e-addy or eddy. Something else to ponder. I am pondering a name change from eddybacher to eddiebacher ... or maybe not! lol

    2006-07-02 10:35:57

    It most definitely evolved from "addy" to "e-addy" to "eddy", but now has taken on another meaning, at least within certain groups. :)

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-07-03 03:23:11


    i see there were at least three individuals reading tinywords over the weekend

    aurora, the urban dictionary is a poor source, founded 10/14/01. their definitions are from (users)
    my usage of eddy came long before; i found the same meanings for all the words i'd mentioned, except eddie. "another word for pussy; dude you're such an eddie"
    eddy wasn't listed

    "rethink", nope

    2006-07-03 07:25:25

    Bob, how useful the urban dictionary is, depends upon one's age, I guess.:) Here you go:


    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-07-04 00:41:07

    aurora, again my curiosity is piqued.
    i fail to see where (one's) age comes into play, but you did say "you guess"; perhaps (one's)(not yours) intelligence provides the illusion of it's(urban dictionary) usefulness.
    aurora, i recall some great fairy tales i read as a child; having outgrown them, a line was drawn

    in his eyes
    a shadow of his former self
    the light flickers

    2006-07-04 08:15:28

    Bob, you cite urban dictionary as being useless because "the urban dictionary is a poor source, founded 10/14/01. their definitions are from (users)" yet you cite wikipedia as your source, even though it's definitions come from users.:)

    The fact remains that the word "eddy" means different things to different people, particularly to those aged 25 or younger.:):):)



    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-07-04 11:36:42

    aurora, your point weakens. i initially used (eddy), here. your own admission, "'eddy' means different things to different people", validates my position. even circumventing my first usage date; am i the exception to your statement? in any (dictionary), it's not left to one individual's(U/D) discretion for it's usage, but after diligent scrutiny...

    sunny day-
    corn burns in the field

    2006-07-04 14:47:48

    Bob, then please site your dictionary source for the word.:) I've already stated mine.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-07-04 16:25:12

    aurora, the point being, was never "what was my source, but what was my meaning of (eddy)"; but since you asked. the usage of (eddy), (in my circle), was something (we) bantered around in chatting's early days; c. 1990(s), predating any source. afaik, we may have even invented it. ;-)
    your (site) is acceptable, albeit i beg to differ on origin

    birds roosting
    late night chatting
    till dawn

    2006-07-04 17:08:56

    Bob, the definition you credited to Wikipedia is for the word "EMAIL", not "EDDY". This is Wikipedia's definition for "EDDY":


    In other words, you don't have a source because one doesn't exist. No offence meant, but I'm a stickler for words.

    2006-07-08 05:20:19

    summer twilight
    the crow disappears
    in the trees

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-07-10 17:10:53

    aurora, you (fail) in your boast of been a "stickler for words". my words being, (wikipedia states, "e-mail address, also known as an eddress(from electronic address ..."); your (initial) supposition(2006-07-02 10:10:16), it was "addy" i meant. hahaha

    my words, ("eddy" evolved from this "eddress"...); my source being me.


    i tire
    even the sun dallies


    aurora, rsvp

    2006-07-10 18:42:12

    Bob, I'm pretty sure that unless your name is "Mr. Webster", you can't just go around making up words.:)

    I'll be sure to enter your "eddy" theory to my etymology prof, but don't hold your breath - he probably won't buy it either.:)

    Take care.

    b. m. richardson
    2006-07-10 19:45:36

    aurora, i do it all the time, make up words; i've even been called cliff clavin.
    muse over ed's words(2006-07-02 08:5:46, this haiku). i've yet to find "eddy" listed anywhere; strange, my usage comes under scrutiny from first time hearer.
    aurora, i am a scuba diver, holding my breath for an extended period of time is part of my nature.


    these warm nights, etymology-

    Ed Schwellenbach
    2006-07-10 20:34:28

    Don't misquote me b.m.! I said and meant that I could not find your definition of eddy, i.e., eddy means email address, anywhere online. I have gone through multiple searches to over 70 resources. Perhaps holding your breath for extended periods has caused your propensity for making up your own punctuation, grammar, and definitions ... just to suit your nature. What about trying to communicate?

    2006-07-10 21:39:41

    Ed (I dare not say "Eddy" :) ) - It's rather funny we're having this long discussion over a made-up word, isn't it?:)

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-07-11 03:04:56

    aurora, admittance is good for your soul

    ed, i didn't misquote you, i referred to your comment by date and time; (read) closer, the words which followed were mine. i couldn't find "eddy" either.
    ed, don't take offence, the air is rarefied where i tread.
    being permitted 400 characters, i'm forced to stray from the accepted norm


    two sparrows
    in flight--
    against the eagle


    Ed Schwellenbach
    2006-07-11 04:37:51

    You're right, Aurora. Perhaps sad is a better word. Back to the future. Thanks!

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-07-11 10:18:57

    aurora, all words are (concocted).

    ed and aurora what piques my curiosity more than some is why i haven't heard from the one I originally (addressed).
    focusing on the word "sad", eddy, it's sadder when others find themselves so easily (offended).


    squabbling kids
    on the playground--
    pretending to be adults

    Anthony Slauson
    2006-07-12 05:14:30

    burning tongue
    glass of class
    silent smolder

    2009-07-07 18:47:40

    green mountains
    piled upon the summer morning fog--
    fiddle music