curling up at dusk
the park bench sleeper
turns over a new page

—Alan Summers

Published in:
First Australian Haiku Anthology, ISBN 0 9577925 9 X
Univ. of Queensland printery 2003

First Australian Anthology October 1999

1st Prize, Fellowship of Australian Writers, Queensland Haiku Contest 1996

About the author: Alan's haiku and poetry is published in over 60 anthologies, and a number of languages. He regularly reads, performs, and workshops from venues as diverse as possible including shop windows; inner city rainforests; cliff tops; to the more orthodox places...on occasion. His website is:

Contact: alan at withwords dot org dot uk


Responses to the haiku for 3 July 2006 by Alan Summers

    Bill Kenney
    2006-07-03 09:55:33

    Clever, Alan.

    park bench—
    an old man reads
    the morning news

    2006-07-03 10:14:04

    Thanks Bill, although if it comes across as 'clever' I feel I failed. (-;

    This guy was arranging/rearranging his newspaper sheets, which can be quite warm and effective against the cold.

    I also felt that maybe he was going to have a better New Year somehow, as he paused over one or two of the sheets, as if he was reading an ad for a job that might get him out of this situation?

    2006-07-03 19:23:51

    The thought is poignant, the phrasing clever, I think.

    autumn leaves
    the park
    turns over a new leaf

    2006-07-04 04:14:23

    Thanks Georgia.

    This is a haiku with a little bit of haiku humour, and a whisker of senryu in it too.

    But it points back to the fact that change is inevitable, which is why so many people use New Year's Eve as a catalyst to do something new, or simple to 'move on'.

    all my best,


    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-07-04 11:42:54

    glass of warm milk,
    at bedtime
    her bosom rids my chills