This haiku has been removed.

tinywords accepts only original haiku. Unfortunately, someone sent us a haiku by Charles Easter that had originally appeared in Frogpond XXII:3. The submitter, who used the name Catherine Plasencia, gave no indication that the work was not her own. We have removed the haiku (since we do not have permission from Charles Easter to publish it) and will accept no further haiku from Ms. Plasencia. We recommend that other haiku journals do the same.

As editor of tinywords, I'd like to extend my apologies to Mr. Easter and to tinywords' readers for this error.

The original haiku by Mr. Easter can be found in the Haiku Society of America's award collection.

--d. f. tweney, publisher


Responses to the haiku for 7 August 2006 by ---

    Bill Kenney
    2006-08-07 07:03:19

    heat wave—
    pigeon feather
    on a fallen leaf

    Vasile Moldovan
    2006-08-07 12:41:25

    So many ants...
    and only a petal
    fallen in the dust

    Angelika Wienert
    2006-08-07 13:14:55

    withered lavender—
    again the bee

    prado chekov
    2006-08-07 14:32:43

    don't know why this poem hasn't drawn
    more extensive comments. perhaps that's
    due to the fact that yours is a new name,
    & not associated with any particular haiku
    clique & pep club. so refreshimg to
    see a new name, so good to read your
    excelent haiku

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-08-07 18:40:20

    mr chekov, the answer rest within your words,
    simply drop the "perhaps"; delving insight, prado.
    & to think, this was maddening to me once upon a time...


    they know not knowing they know not


    withered flower-
    head of the marigold
    in the crock pot

    prado chekov
    2006-08-07 19:47:49

    have dropped the perhaps. have picked up
    a bottle of good cabernet. have poured
    some in a dixie cup. am raising a toast
    to world peace. am laughing at my own
    naivete. good to hear from you.

    Anthony Slauson
    2006-08-08 04:21:23

    two tails,
    swatting the same fly

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-08-08 13:52:27

    prado, two great thoughts mirroring each other; world peace, and the ability to laugh at one's self
    reading (your) words i found freshness

    i browsed the meaning of "fresh", though i as many belittle it's meaning:
    of water, not salt; pure; not stale...
    the list continues, and yet they all point to your words

    broken crystal-
    dixie cup
    confirms the bond

    thanks catherine

    d. f. tweney
    2006-08-08 14:19:32

    Please note that this haiku has been removed, after I was alerted that it was plagiarized. The true author is Charles Easter, and I've added a link, above, to the website where his haiku can be found.

    tinywords is for publication of original haiku only, or for previously-published haiku with the permission of the author. I do not countenance plagiarism of any kind.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-08-08 14:50:08

    dft, you're still sporting an enviable average.
    after 12,000 comments, a few pranks, your site exemplifies the word "elite"

    should catherine exist (perhaps) she'll provide an honorable response.

    some seem lost understanding the meaning of authorship.

    dft, i salute your expeditious response '


    red roses
    in a variety of shades
    inspire the haiku

    2006-08-09 10:16:11

    In viewing your site, DFT, the possibility that purloined work may have "migrated" here... had never entered my mind.
    BMR and I fully agree... your rapid response is a prime example of guardianship,
    and we all thank you_! -M

    prado checkov
    2006-08-09 15:25:46

    to the poetry thief:
    sad so sad,
    your poverty of thought!

    Georgia Kornbluth
    2006-08-10 08:17:12

    I want to express my gratitude, DFT, for your prompt & appropriate handling of this unfortunate & rather shocking incident. I can't help but wonder whether we'll ever know the truth -- who the purported author of the purloined haiku really is, & the motive behind the act.