light of dawn -
smoke rising from 
the candle

—Vishnu P Kapoor

About the author: I am a retired Indian Air Force officer. Earlier I taught English Literature. I write poetry in Urdu language. I am a practising Buddhist. Being a widower at 65 years of age, I live with my married son and spinster daughter.

contact: vpk151042 at yahoo dot co dot in

Responses to the haiku for 4 September 2006 by Vishnu P Kapoor

    2006-09-04 03:44:02

    Seemingly simple - and then, when one looks at it a second time...intriguing

    Immediate + leaves me something to ponder on!

    Thank you, Vishnu!

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-09-04 06:27:14

    hand parting the mist
    delicate fingers beckon me

    2006-09-04 09:03:09

    flame pales
    hidden by the sun
    scent lingers
    _Vishnu... I hope you'll visit tinywords again.

    2006-09-05 06:47:04

    This particularly resonates for me today as I was up until the early hours of the morning, and said hi to a fieldmouse who sneaked in!

    I'll look forward to seeing more of your haiku too, thank you!

    Georgia Kornbluth
    2006-09-05 08:45:40

    Moody, expressive. Nicely done.

    2009-09-28 16:27:19

    autumn's dusk--
    the dusty lace curtains
    releasing summer's warmth