Indian Summer
   the flip side
of a hit record

—Ed Markowski

i mean really now, doesn't this
sum it all up?

About the author: ed markowski lives and writes in auburn hills, michigan. his work has appeared in modern haiku, acorn, bottle rockets, and the birmingham poetry review.

Responses to the haiku for 21 September 2006 by Ed Markowski

    Anthony Slauson
    2006-09-21 04:00:21

    Indian summer,
    the natives are slighted...

    2006-09-21 12:33:31

    ah Ed i just love the way you write your haiku. this one is a real beauty! this one remindfs me a little of that popular young japanese haijin who wrote that best selling haiku book about romance. what's her name again? i've forgotten.

    i'll look it up.

    oh yes - Mayuzumi Madoka:

    now the trip is over--
    my summer holidays start
    their B-side

    2006-09-21 13:13:34

    Ed, I like the twist here, with Indian Summer -- normally considered a big treat and a weather "hit" -- juxtaposed (not necessarily equated) with a B-side, which is often disappointing and second-rate. Of course, a B-side can also be a very pleasant surprise.

    2006-09-21 19:46:54

    Enjoyed this, Ed...
    and the layered meaning.
    Although Indian summer is
    a "hit" for me, and I just wish
    it would favorite time
    of year!

    2006-09-22 05:49:37

    Spot on Myron, I was going to mention that haiku too! Both are great! ;-)

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-09-22 18:39:57

    indian summer
    not long...
    before winter

    Andrew Riutta
    2006-12-03 19:51:00

    Ed Markowski is simply the best!!!

    2009-10-04 17:03:12

    indian summer--
    heavy overripeness
    this harvest moon