lampless night--
the full moon shines
on my laptop

—Joel Josol

Loss of power over several days in Manila after typhoon Milenyo struck.

About the author: Regino Joel Josol is a new explorer in the world of haiku. Always in search of the haiku moment in the modern technology-driven world. A computer professional by profession, an artist and a romantic by heart, a father to two lovely daughters, and a husband to a lovely and capable wife.

Responses to the haiku for 8 November 2006 by Joel Josol

    kala ramesh
    2006-11-08 09:09:24

    Very effective. . .

    Angelika Wienert
    2006-11-08 10:59:14

    such a "lampless night" is a good time to think about the power of nature

    an interesting haiku!

    2006-11-08 11:01:13

    Chuckle out loud.

    Vasile Moldovan
    2006-11-08 16:56:23

    Power cut!
    Navigating on the Internet
    in the moonlight...

    David Fox (davidirafox at yahoo dot com)
    2006-11-08 19:49:21

    Great for "entering the world" of haiku! I find whether my haiku are published or not, are a very "addictive" form to write in because of the way they are structured (and now the openness to not have to always have to stick to a 5-7-5 or 3-5-3 syllable three-line poem).
    Yours truly,
    David Fox

    Alan Summers
    2006-11-09 09:35:04

    A good full moon haiku bringing the laptop!

    2006-11-10 08:28:15

    Kuya Joel, I didn't know that you have name before Joel hehe. Anyway, congrats and what a wonderful haiku this is!

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-11-11 16:16:02

    harvest moonless-
    bursting red bougainvillaeas
    inspire my writes