so clear
without leaves
frost moon

—Ann K. Schwader

About the author: Ann K. Schwader, schwader at, lives & writes & gardens in Westminster, CO. More about her work (including haiku!) can be found at

Responses to the haiku for 13 November 2006 by Ann K. Schwader

    Bill Kenney
    2006-11-13 09:33:04

    Beautiful, Ann.

    I never saw it
    until winter stripped the trees:
    the curve of the hill

    2006-11-13 10:47:38

    _Great thought, Ann... awareness of nature's way... to help us see!
    _And in seeing leafless limbs in a contrary direction?

    moon sent
    a shadows broom
    barnside whisked

    devils miss
    2006-11-13 15:04:37

    the light in the night
    that gos by the moon shines bright
    its my big night light

    kala ramesh
    2006-11-13 19:59:14

    So simple and clear.
    enjoyed visualising it!
    - kala

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webv dot net)
    2006-11-16 13:56:49

    transparent, this moon
    in the light
    transparent my shadow


    cooler and cooler
    autumnal equinox