winter temple ...
the white arms of a young monk
wiping the floor

—Keiko Izawa

First published in Haiku Harvest.

About the author: I started composing haiku last year inspired by the work of my American penpal. Ever since I have encountered and been impressed by so many beautiful English language haiku made by poets from all around the world. I feel very happy and honored to know as a Japanese this poem that originated in Japan is loved this much in the world.

Responses to the haiku for 21 December 2006 by Keiko Izawa

    Alan Summers
    2006-12-21 11:45:40

    I liked this one, and with Keiko's permission, read it out during a lunchtime reading in my home town of Bristol U.K.

    It went down very well with the audience!

    Lorin Ford
    2006-12-21 13:45:36

    Wonderful! The suggestion of the snowy landscape around the temple through the white arms, and the monk, in keeping with the season, having this attribute of Winter, though young.

    The clean landscape, the clean floor. How it all blends.


    kala ramesh
    2006-12-21 16:09:38

    Dear Keiko,

    A great imagery well woven!


    Happy Christmas & New Year Celebrations to all of you at tinywords

    - kala

    Bill Kenney
    2006-12-21 16:26:36

    A striking and suggestive image, Keiko.

    lou randolph
    2006-12-21 19:54:13

    izawa san,
    what beauty heart sutra pure land
    brilliance you've penned.

    zen garden...
    a full moon glows
    above the stone's silouette

    Sue Stanford
    2006-12-22 02:55:32

    very evocative use of dark and white!

    2006-12-23 16:11:53

    Keiko san,

    your haiku reminded me of my staying at Eiheiji for the winter sesshin, one-week zazen at the remote temple in deep snow.

    A Happy New Year !


    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-12-30 10:40:42

    ...i wondered

    yet, as someone said, "suggestive", indeed.

    some err in reading too much into it.

    with the onset of winter, the most mundane work continues; especially for those not having reached that loftier position.

    but, of more importance, one's readiness to serve another.


    winter pasture-
    motherless calf
    in warm callous hands