I direct a stranger
to the wrong train

—Paul David Mena

About the author: Paul David Mena was born in New York and now lives in Wayland, Massachusetts, where he works as a computer professional in the financial industry. He has been writing haiku since 1992, has published three chapbooks and has contributed to numerous haiku journals, both on-line and traditional.


Responses to the haiku for 11 January 2007 by Paul David Mena

    2007-01-11 16:43:53

    Too often I've accidently given inaccurate directions. I should really stop "helping" people.

    Fran Morris
    2007-01-11 19:49:22

    I'm surprised there aren't more responses to this charmingly funny haiku. First there is the usual melancholy evoked by the word 'twilight', promptly followed by the comical image of Mr. Mena's offering his eager but wrong directions. Just like Jason, "Too often I'VE accidently given inaccurate directions. I should really stop "helping" people." Embarrassing (but funny)

    2007-01-11 21:08:11

    Oh! this is very common here in Mexico City. People on the streets sometimes prefer to give wrong directions than say "Excuse me, I really don't know..."

    Good ku!

    Corneliu Atanasiu
    2007-01-11 22:54:46

    Nostalgic alienation. Only one train for you and it's sure wrong. Forever.

    Andrea (andrea dot cecon at gmail dot com)
    2007-01-12 00:33:19

    beautiful and clever ku...

    2007-01-12 05:21:48

    Thank you for the kind comments. This actually happened to me a few months ago at Back Bay Station in Boston. It was an accident - I promise!

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-01-12 18:47:45

    fran, i'm continually surprised there aren't more comments, period.


    i, also, give too many erroneous directions; later, feeling somewhat embarrassed, standing there alone.
    and yet, how many times, while grocery shopping i'm repeatedly sent down the wrong isle.


    soul searching...
    after the storm
    finding myself
    surrounded by water

    Alan Summers
    2007-01-17 10:04:34

    Really enjoyed this train haiku, look forward to seeing more. You're certainly on the right lines. ;-)