cemetery storm
the man complains
about a cold sore

—Myron Lysenko

About the author: Myron is a professional poet living in Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of six books of poetry. His latest "a rosebush grabs my sleeve" is devoted entirely to haiku & is about to go into reprint.

email: myronpoet at hotmail dot com

Responses to the haiku for 21 February 2007 by Myron Lysenko

    2007-02-21 12:38:35

    north of Eden

    as we ate our food
    a ghost sat quietly still
    reading the m-menu :)

    NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!!!! love it.

    Susan Constable
    2007-02-21 12:59:27

    I like the layers of meaning here, though the truth in the knowledge that some people always find something to complain about is disconcerting. Well done, Myron.

    Angelika Wienert
    2007-02-21 15:09:21

    i enjoyed to read this haiku!

    as Susan said -- some people always complain about something

    Bill Kenney
    2007-02-21 19:10:47

    I'm embarrassed to admit I know just how he feels.

    Collin Barber
    2007-02-21 22:37:27

    I was pleased to see this one in my mailbox today, Myron. Nice one.


    Rita Odeh
    2007-02-22 00:37:03

    A memorable haiku, Myron.Enjoyed it.

    2007-02-22 14:37:48

    Good one, Myron!
    Wry humor...and a most
    unlikely subject!

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-02-22 16:01:04

    "a rosebush grabs my sleeves"; as i'd mentioned before, "about the author" intrigues me times more than the daily haiku.

    days while working round my flowers, there's been this tug on a sleeve; never giving in to place the moment in words, until now.


    power failure
    from one drop of rain--
    the pond fills

    2007-02-25 08:25:59

    I was satirizing the human condition girls, not complaining - remember old fashioned humour? As I said before and will repeat, 'Love it'.

    too highly strung
    guitar strings -
    snap in my face