first snowflakes -
a Mozart concerto
on the car radio

—Damien Gabriels

Translated from the French. Here is the original:

premiers flocons -
un concerto de Mozart
à l'autoradio

About the author: Born in 1959 in North of France where I live and work (bank), I discovered haiku in 2001. Member of the French Haiku Association since its foundation. Publications in several reviews and collective anthologies; my first personal publication, "Le temps d'un haiku" (Editions Chloé des Lys) published in May 2006.

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Responses to the haiku for 22 February 2007 by Damien Gabriels

    Gosia Zamorska
    2007-02-22 00:35:51

    I can see this moment very clear.

    Rita Odeh
    2007-02-22 00:48:59

    I got the feeling of a humanbeing, sitting still,enjoying music while nature is at work.This juxtaposition between stillness and movement is what makes your haiku memorable.I appreciate it if you put a page for English translations of your haiku in your site so that we get an idea about your writing experience.

    kala ramesh
    2007-02-22 05:31:36

    I can well picture the grandeur and the brilliance of the moment.
    Great work!


    Bill Kenney
    2007-02-22 08:41:24

    "Mozart" is more than a brand name here. "Mahler," for instance, wouldn't work.

    Andrea (andrea dot cecon at gmail dot com)
    2007-02-22 10:32:16

    changing mood...

    waiting room
    between my father and me
    only Mozart

    judith ingram
    2007-02-22 15:03:27

    Damien, a lovely poem. I would hope that all of us might have enjoyed the same type of experience. Very special.

    Au contraire, Bill Kenney. Mahler would have worked beautifully for me.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-02-22 17:00:03

    so true judith-
    ...they know not that they know not...


    bill, i'll use your words, "brand name"; many frequent the "brand names" while passing up those who inspired them.

    the glucks, wagners, bizets, the list goes on.


    la dernière braise
    refusant se fanent--
    le concert des weber

    last ember
    refusing to fade--
    weber's concerto

    Bill Kenney
    2007-02-22 20:32:19

    Just to clarify, Mahler would work in hundreds of ways in hundreds of contexts, but "snowflakes" isn't the most obvious association with his style. Snowflakes and Mozart make a much better fit. It's because he recognizes that fit that Damien isn't just playing a brand name dropping game.

    judith ingram
    2007-02-22 21:09:20

    Bill, I must concede that snowflakes are probably more in tune with Mozart (pardon the pun)but I do love Mahler. Okay?

    d. f. tweney (dylan at tinywords dot com)
    2007-02-23 08:11:57

    thick morning fog--
    a Mahler symphony
    on the clock radio


    orange-red sunset
    through the bay windows--
    Wagner on the hi-fi

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-02-23 08:31:45

    judith and bill, peculiar as it might seem, what composer wasn't a bit of a snowflake.
    one would think, they tend to go hand in hand(reflecting on the norm). strange isn't it, how society labels that which it doesn't understand.


    another thought comes to mind, bill did you confer with damien on his perception.

    Alan Summers
    2007-02-23 11:03:13

    Ah, first snow(flakes) and Mozart, if he could hear it now.

    Damien Gabriels
    2007-02-23 13:29:51

    Thanks for all your reactions ; to complete, I would simply mention that I was really in my car, listening a Mozart concerto, when snow began to fall : to returnat the beginnig, it's no more than a simple and real association (that I found quite well adapted ...)