midday sun
two lizards scamper
up the church wall

—Lorne Henry

It is summer in Australia and when asked how I chose a subject, I pointed to these two lizards and there was a haiku.

About the author: Lorne Henry lives in the countryside of the Hunter River Valley in NSW Australia. She has been writing haiku since 1992 but has only recently learnt how they should be written. Also new to her is the tanka form, giving a different scope in expression.

Lorne manages Hunter Arts Diary, a website for the arts in the Hunter River Valley, NSW, Australia.

Contact: lorne at hunterarts dot org dot au


Responses to the haiku for 19 April 2007 by Lorne Henry

    Bill Kenney
    2007-04-19 07:00:58

    I can feel the heat.

    Andrea (andrea dot cecon at gmail dot com)
    2007-04-19 08:39:19

    white wall
    plunged into the light
    a lizard

    (posted by Mainichi, Sept.3, 2005, nr. 675)

    river malcolm
    2007-04-19 09:26:35

    thanks. not just for the sun and lizards, but for being popped into the actual moment and reminded of why i love haiku, AND inspired to make my first donation to tinywords.
    thank you thank you thank you

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-04-20 22:39:19

    lorne, life revolves around tinywords
    postings. many share these haiku moments; if they're fortunate enough to make the observation.
    at a traffic light, i watched a vendor place his coke cup on the blistering(miami) sidewalk. this lizard materialized on the cup's top. i imagined enjoying the coolness of the remaining ice.


    midday swelter-
    beads on the side
    of the abandoned coke cup