morning sun
shadow of the weather cock
under my feet 

—Jacek Margolak

About the author: Jacek Margolak was born in Rzeszˇw in 1964. He lives in Kielce (POLAND) with his wife and two sons. He works as a print technologist. He has been interested in haiku and haiga since 2000 and now he is a member of two poetic groups writing haiku - "Haiku po polsku" and "Orient", and his poems have been published on the internet at "The Heron's Nest", "Mainichi Daily News", "Haiku Harvest", "Asahi Haikuist Network", "Lishanu " and haiga at "World Haiku Association".

Email: jacek dot jaal at gmail dot com


Responses to the haiku for 16 May 2007 by Jacek Margolak

    Gosia Zamorska
    2007-05-16 02:45:04

    Jacek, dobra robota! Pamiętam to haiku :)

    Felicia Prisswillow
    2007-05-16 05:39:09

    Nice, fresh this very much.

    Alan Summers
    2007-05-16 10:58:49

    I like this very much. I didn't think I would read a new take on shadows in haiku again. Thank you.

    Gerald Hodge
    2007-05-16 12:27:43

    You've nailed it, Jacek! and true to the haiku tradition as well.

    2007-05-16 13:00:42

    Nice feel of morning.

    Wouldn't the shadow be upon the feet, not under?

    2007-05-16 14:51:05

    An extraordinary observation, Jacek.
    Nice to see you around. :-)

    2007-05-16 17:42:06

    My stomach jumped at this haiku. It's brilliant. It has given me a real sense of excitement. Excellent. Excellent. Thank you.

    Agatha Nipplewort
    2007-05-16 19:17:42

    Very nicely done, Jacek!

    pea soup morning
    the weather cock
    faces the sea

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-05-18 04:56:40

    suzanne, a good read surrounds yatsuka ishihara
    ishihara's belief that it is crucial for haiku to tell about the truth as if it were false; continuing with, a common practice in japan by most poets is to tell about what is false, as if it were true.
    suzanne sample his words, and find meaning.

    my thoughts are with the masters', aren't all writers liars in a gentle sense of the word...

    Jacek M.
    2007-05-18 05:43:14

    Thank you wonderful friends.

    tom snelling
    2007-05-20 14:51:55

    agatha, are you a character from the clue game, or did you jump out from thr pages of
    a sherlock holmes story?


    2007-05-20 16:15:15

    _You've presented a haiku that generates infinite imagination in this reader. The shadow pinned underfoot, and one wonder is, "will the shadow move if the foot isn't lifted?"

    Agatha Nipplewort
    2007-05-20 19:20:03

    Magyar and tom, the game is afoot! Of course this quote is originally from Shakespeare's King Henry IV - "Before the game is afoot, thou still let'st slip."

    And of course, I am a fan of Clue, Sherlock Holmes, and Shakespeare ... as well as the Shadow, Sara Paretsky, and Tony Hillerman. Imagine the possibilities.

    Magyar, you forgot about sunset; that's when the shadow leaves.


    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-05-20 19:44:28

    woW, magyar, forgive my not so subtle response. it's the cool night air, after a refreshing rain, browning sunshine, threatening dark clouds, heavy laughter, wisp of a breeze, even silence; then i read your "what if". i know better, but for only a moment...; then the light went (on), was jacek on his back with the soles of his feet skyward


    though the dew
    this earthworm

    2007-05-22 09:55:37

    _boB, With fairness to Jaceck... the quotes indicate that it was I... standing within Jacek's good -SUNRISE- haiku, and it was I that wondered.
    _I apologise for my inept scribbling... as thoughts of Harry Chapins "Mr. Tanner" come to my wan mind.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-05-22 14:12:19

    magyar, i didn't interpret differently your quote. there are times and there are times, magyar, when a catalyst comes to the fore; such were your words in this instance, allowing me to see jacek's haiku in a clearer light. magyar, your words were far from inept scribbling; wan no, rather insightful i'd say.


    black leaf brushes another
    in the darkness--
    quarter moon and one star

    2007-05-27 20:47:24

    I was just wondering how a shadow can be stepped on.

    2007-06-04 16:07:21

    I hope you've gotten my note... _M

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-06-06 06:17:13

    i did not.
    please, send it again.


    was to be a dreary day
    sun breaking through--
    i'm to hear from you