even the edge
of an evening cloud,

—Jeffrey Woodward

About the author: Jeffrey Woodward is an American citizen who permanently resides in Windsor, Ontario, Canada but commutes daily to his employment in Detroit. His critical articles and poems (in both Eastern and Western genres) appear widely in online and hardcopy publications in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. His selected poems will be published later in 2007.

Email: j_l_woodward at yahoo dot com


Responses to the haiku for 21 May 2007 by Jeffrey Woodward

    2007-05-21 10:27:26


    2007-05-21 13:43:41

    Yes, indeed!
    My clouds smolder too.
    Good haiku!

    Ed Schwellenbach
    2007-05-21 17:45:14

    At first, this was a slippery-when-wet kind of poem for me. But then I realized that you had a very angry cloud above you, so angry that even its edges could scarcely hide it. Very nicely done!

    city lights
    irradiate a surging cloud
    tempest rising

    city lights
    pierce a heaving cloud---
    splatter pattern

    Dana-Maria Onica
    2007-05-21 20:04:16

    A very beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it. I admire the prosody, the alliteration "even / evening" and the very suggestive juxtaposition between the dusk and the flameless combustion.

    David Fox
    2007-05-21 20:35:45

    I hadn't realized 3-5-3 syllable haiku was a "perfect" style of haiku until a good friend of mine (also a poet) told me. I find both this form and the 5-7-5 variety challenging but fun to write. Well done!
    ~David Fox
    P.S. To Dylan -- I know there are many ways a haiku can be written in, but these are the only two "traditional" ways I know of.

    b. m. richardson
    2007-05-22 14:52:01

    david, too often tradition leads to stagnancy. if all things and thoughts were forced to adhere to these "handing downs" where would we be. (to me), that which is traditional provides a foundation upon which we can build, and even tear down, however the latter reaks havoc, yet growth.
    albeit aren't most things personal...


    last of the pink apple
    this black seed--
    planted once more

    Gillena Cox
    2007-05-23 12:42:02

    Thanks for the invitation to view and comment from Outlaw Poets.

    I like the use of "Even" in LINE ONE it introduces and resonates well with LINE THREE

    much love

    Terra Martin
    2007-06-04 20:36:35

    The surprise in Line 3 makes for a very exciting finish. Wonderful haiku.