sputnik satellite
a solar flare picks out
a rivet

—Alan Summers

This is the , Sputnik 1, opening the way for space exploration.

I'll read haiku during U.K. National Poetry Day October 4th 2007 as part of World Space Week.

About the author: Alan's haiku and poetry is published in over 60 anthologies, and a number of languages. He regularly reads, performs, and workshops from venues as diverse as possible including shop windows; inner city rainforests; cliff tops; to the more orthodox places...on occasion. His website is: http://www.withwords.org.uk

Contact: alan at withwords dot org dot uk


Responses to the haiku for 4 October 2007 by Alan Summers

    helen buckingham
    2007-10-04 03:21:54

    Great work as always Alan. "Sputnik" is such a wonderful word and I love the way you've echoed it with "picks out" and "rivet" in contrast with the softness of "solar".

    of Apollo 11--
    losing the remote

    josh wikoff
    2007-10-04 15:19:21

    An remarkably bright haiku, Alan.

    cold night
    a satellite disappears
    below the horizon

    2007-10-05 06:10:57

    ...and Laika began to worry.
    Alan, You've painted this scene -my memory of searching for Sputnik, and imagining that 'rivit' a hundred times! _M

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-10-05 16:55:08

    street stray, too...
    leads man to the stars

    Alan Summers
    2008-08-18 09:54:04

    Thanks for these comments and your own haiku. I've really enjoyed revisiting this page! ;-)

    deep space
    it seeps into
    my vertical bed

    Alan Summers,
    World Space Week
    Rocket Dreams commission (2007)