honey flowing
from the spoon
autumn sunset

—Yoav J. Tenembaum

This haiku was awarded the Top Prize by the 59th Basho Festival 2005, organised by the Basho Memorial Museum in Japan.

About the author: I am Argentinian-born. I have lived in various countries, including Argentina, the United States (New York), Israel and England (Cambridge and Oxford, where I pursued my masters and doctorate degree, as well as London).

Poems of mine have been published in various literary magazines in the USA, Britain, Canada, the Philippines.

e.mail: oxbridge at netvision dot net dot il

Responses to the haiku for 8 October 2007 by Yoav J. Tenembaum

    Angelika Wienert
    2007-10-08 15:03:44

    a good haiku!

    toby evans
    2007-10-08 15:16:00

    good solid haiku.

    a doe
    in the crosshairs...
    autumn dusk

    2007-10-08 15:42:35

    Love this one, Yoav.

    Mary Griffith
    2007-10-08 16:47:07

    So evocative - elegant work. Thank you.

    2007-10-08 17:02:12

    ketchup splattered sky
    outlined in chalk
    on a wet neon street

    After all these years, I still haunt this sidewalk, repeating myself - unable to believe the evidence of other people's memories. It is always autumn here, standing in the falling leaves.. just standing.

    (God, I feel like throwing up!)

    toby evans
    2007-10-08 17:30:02

    electraglide try this...

    butter streams
    down a mound of mashed potatoes...
    winter sunset

    this is a seasonally perfect poem. the comfort foods of a cold climate & the
    correlative sunset. good job yoav!

    josh wikoff
    2007-10-08 19:57:40

    honey flowing
    from the spoon
    autumn sunset

    A sweet and golden haiku to be sure.

    autumn dawn
    sun brightens a jar
    of pie spice

    2007-10-08 21:10:25

    I'd seen this one earlier; I still like it as much now as then...congrats!

    2007-10-09 05:23:29

    No wonder this won first prize in the Basho Haiku festival: it's brilliant. Enjoyed, Yoav.

    Danny Rainer
    2007-10-09 06:30:15

    Beautiful Haiku!
    It has an appealing cinematographic nature to it.
    I agree with Robert. No wonder it won the first prize at the prestigious Basho Haiku Festival.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-10-09 16:32:42

    bare light of
    autumn sunrise--
    darken areola

    white trail of laundry starch--
    'gainst flushed cheek

    first light
    after summer ends--
    distant vision of new bud

    2007-10-09 17:59:17

    I love the simplicity of this poem!

    2007-10-10 18:50:59

    As I read this haiku it brought me into our sukkah as we dripped honey onto our challah while the sun set. A treasured moment crystallized in your haiku.