October snowfall
water beads on the oil spots
where she used to park

—Robert O'Blennis

About the author: Robert O'Blennis: roblennis at gmail dot com

Responses to the haiku for 31 October 2007 by Robert O'Blennis

    2007-10-31 02:08:59

    Lovely tension, sweetly poignant, highly observed haiku.

    2007-10-31 02:54:17

    Snow falling
    on the empty parking lot:
    Christmass eve..

    Eric W. Amann

    (nice variation Rob)

    River Malcolm
    2007-10-31 09:55:14

    Thank you Robert.Your haiku brought me into a moment that was sensually alive and full of feeling.

    a bend in trail--
    sky and lake both brim over
    with pink dawn light

    R. O'Blennis
    2007-10-31 09:55:44

    never heard of him.

    2007-10-31 11:10:56

    Well done, Robert_! There are soooooo many scribblers of haiku, who can know them all_? Amann fits, I think, into this era:


    the summer chair
    rocking by itself
    in the blizzard

    *Jack Kerouac*

    R. O'Blennis
    2007-10-31 11:28:34

    Thank you R.M. Thank you M.

    Bill Kenney
    2007-10-31 13:12:35

    An unusually rich poem.

    2007-10-31 18:41:05

    Good work. A rare combination of poignancy and grittiness.

    Felica Sah
    2007-10-31 22:54:27

    Robert, your haiku is so very soulful, lovely, a bit sad, memorable - absolutely beautiful in every way. Thank you for sharing. - Felica Sah

    Michael Dylan Welch (WelchM at aol dot com)
    2007-11-01 15:43:48

    It's not accurate or fair to say that O'Blennis's poem is a "variation" of Amann's. They share similar content (snow, parking lot), but they differ significantly. Having the same subject doesn't make one poem a variation of the other. Fine that one brought to mind the other, but I don't consider the new poem any kind of "variation" of the older one. For more on "deja-ku," see the link provided.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-11-01 21:58:30

    today's crane
    in the midst of the river--


    countless birds on a wire, looking
    in different directions


    (variant of scribbling on wall)
    as october snow falls
    falls october snow--

    R. O'Blennis
    2007-11-02 05:30:07

    Thank you Bill. Thank you Felica.

    Michael Dylan Welch
    2007-11-04 23:18:31

    As for who Eric Amann is, he started one of the first influential haiku magazines in 1967, and cofounded Haiku Canada in 1978. Though not without flaws, his Haiku: The Wordless Poem is one of the best books ever written about the art and aesthetics of haiku. He hasn't published haiku for 25 years but he's worth knowing about. See http://www.millikin.edu/haiku/writerprofiles/EricAmann.html.