cormorants glide
over orange bull kelp--
autumn sea

—Deborah P. Kolodji

About the author: Deborah P. Kolodji
Pasadena, California
dkolodji at

Deborah P Kolodji is the President of the Science Fiction Poetry Association and the editor of Amaze: The Cinquain Journal.

Her work has appeared in many journals, both on and off the web. Unfinished Book, her chapbook of haiku, cinquains, and other short poems, was published by Shadows Ink Publications.

Responses to the haiku for 6 December 2007 by Deborah P. Kolodji

    Bill Kenney
    2007-12-06 08:19:05

    Familiar autumn color in an unfamiliar setting, a fine haiku perception.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-12-06 09:21:22

    brisk autumn breeze
    crestless leaf spirals to the branch
    this chickadee

    Magyar (magyar0109 at aol dot com)
    2007-12-06 15:01:56

    one herring gull
    i toss a piece of bread
    traffic jam

    paul winters
    2007-12-06 16:07:44

    good & solidly traditional like a big bowl of beef stew on a cold winter night, like a fish taco on the beach in san diego.

    mike farley
    2007-12-06 16:22:34

    cormorants glide
    over orange bull kelp--
    autumn sea

    óDeborah P. Kolodji

    I've seen this myself a time or two!

    saltwater spray . . .
    the hollow boom of surf
    and spreading foam

    2007-12-07 00:49:12

    nice one . . .

    cormorants glide
    over sea duck decoys -
    autumn sea

    Vasile Moldovan
    2007-12-07 02:37:36

    Empty beach...
    only some dry leaves and
    a retired cormorant