dull day --
the way a raindrop
runs down the banana leaf

—Sandra Simpson

This haiku previously appeared in the journal Kokako (New Zealand).

About the author: Sandra lives in Tauranga, New Zealand, a harbourside city full of promise (and estuaries). She is the editor of Haiku NewZ, a monthly internet newsletter for readers and writers of haiku. She is also secretary of the Katikati Haiku Pathway Focus Committee - the pathway now features 27 boulders engraved with haiku, including one by Sandra, on a riverside walk in Katikati, a small town north of Tauranga.

Responses to the haiku for 19 December 2007 by Sandra Simpson

    mike farley
    2007-12-19 15:57:27


    josh wikoff
    2007-12-19 16:25:25

    brown spots
    on the banana
    Basho's Death Day

    2007-12-19 18:36:42

    Matsuo Basho(1644 - 1694)

    A banana plant in the autumn gale -
    I listen to the dripping of rain
    Into a basin at night.

    Basho took his name from the Japanese word for "banana tree." He was given a gift of a banana tree by a student and the poet immediately identified with it: the way the small tree just stood there with its large, soft, fragile leaves.

    2007-12-19 18:43:22

    Sandra... a fine one_!
    _Often I see the contrary. I hope you'll not be offended by my non-egoistic rewrite, it simply says... as I see.

    this dull day
    runs down the banana leaf
    a rain drop

    Alan Summers
    2007-12-20 05:50:46

    Good to see you again on Tinywords! ;-)

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2007-12-20 16:28:18


    sandra, you've brilliantly illustrated how there comes haiku moments, even on a dull day.
    i further observe dull days being akin to cheese cleansing the intellectual palate...


    feigning my predawn calisthenics--
    this ant lifts
    twice it's weight

    2007-12-27 19:32:35

    Sandra, this is lovely!
    (Sorry I'm so late getting around to it.)
    The focus is intense, and it can be read in
    various ways. I see it as a moment
    of delight on an otherwise dull day.


    2007-12-28 01:24:28

    Thanks so much for the comments - the haiku was written while on holiday in Vanuatu (Pacific Melanesia) in 2006. There was a small banana palm right outside the villa window and, on a rainy day, I looked carefully at the rain and the palm (and watched the former roll off the latter) as there wasn't much else to do! A true haiku moment ... and one that sneaked up on me.
    Happy 2008 to you all.

    2008-04-01 15:12:53

    not exactly my taste