rough sea --
the seagull in a
rain puddle

—Elena Naskova

About the author: I was born and raised in Macedonia. I now live in Seattle and I love the trees and the rain. I write mostly haiku and plays.

Contact: samoil99 at earthlink dot net


Responses to the haiku for 3 January 2008 by Elena Naskova

    Alan Summers
    2008-01-03 05:47:33

    I enjoyed the piquancy of the poem! ;-)

    Bill Hoffman
    2008-01-03 11:07:02

    Ms. Naskova works in a reality and truth that never ceases to amaze me.

    2008-01-03 15:27:10

    Elena; You've written this proof -simplicity brings wonder-!
    _Your words are... sort of a human metaphrast: We often take the back-roads... standing clear of the traffic's stress.

    Judith Ingram
    2008-01-03 18:41:49

    Magyar, what is a metaphrast? I looked the word up in two dictionaries and was unable to find it. Help, please.

    2008-01-03 20:20:31

    _A writer that changes their written form to reach the same vision. [i.e. prose to verse]
    _In Elena's wonderful vision, the gull wanted the water sans the stormy waves... it changed the form to reach a desired result.
    _Another road.

    P. Scott Hamilton
    2008-01-05 19:57:21

    A party responding to this daily haiku wants to know the definition of the word "metaphrast". It may be found by searching One Look Dictionary the Internet location of which is available via an Internet search engine. One Look Dictionary is a real time-saver.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2008-01-09 19:46:57

    pink spring blossoms
    drake mounts in rain puddle--
    yet, it's january