fire drill:
as soon as she gets outside 
                       she lights up 

—Ross Clark

About the author: Ross Clark
Brisbane, Australia
rclarkbard at yahoo dot com dot au


Responses to the haiku for 23 June 2006 by Ross Clark

    Ed Schwellenbach
    2006-06-23 07:32:34

    pavlovís wife---
    the cigarette glows brightly
    just before she coughs

    Elena Naskova (samoil99 at earthlink dot net)
    2006-06-23 14:51:00

    She lights up
    as she stares at the spot
    on her chest x-ray

    prado chekov
    2006-06-23 15:08:31

    i don't see a smoker here. i see a person
    who's been held inside for far too
    long. perhaps in a nursing home, hospital,
    or even a long school day. i see a
    face lighting up with liberation. either
    way, kudos ross on this excellent open
    ended senryu.

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-06-29 12:57:29

    siren wails-
    as the dry soil
    savours my sweat