dry heat--
magpies raise hell 
outside the courthouse

—Mike Farley

About the author: I live with my wife Shirlee on a cattle ranch near the little ski town of Red Lodge, Montana, and have been loving and writing haiku for several years now. I draw my inspiration from the images of the high-plains, mountains, weather, wildlife, livestock, ranch work and outdoor recreation which surround me daily.


Responses to the haiku for 3 October 2006 by Mike Farley

    Alan Summers
    2006-10-03 11:18:39

    I like the humour in this!

    2006-10-03 11:53:28

    Hellish yet playful. A true ku!

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2006-10-03 12:34:13

    windy, 'long the way
    of the statuesque ibis--
    bristling white feathers

    2006-10-03 19:40:15

    nice! keep them coming. your style is unique and wonderful.

    Bill Kenney
    2006-10-05 07:16:44

    Sharp and funny, Mike.

    mike farley
    2006-10-05 20:13:24

    Magpies just remind me of lawyers in their black and white city suits and arrogant demeanor. They sit around on fences in their finery and watch for accidents. Then they fly down and eat their fill, and then strut around arguing loudly over the remains. And in this dry heat, it all somehow feels like the inside of a court room. Thanks for all of your comments.

    2009-10-11 14:32:50

    black silhouette,
    cloud cross the dawn
    this day's image, of my former self