pale moon . . .
not half the man
I used to be

—Mike Farley

About the author: I live with my wife Shirlee on a cattle ranch near the little ski town of Red Lodge, Montana, and have been loving and writing haiku for several years now. I draw my inspiration from the images of the high-plains, mountains, weather, wildlife, livestock, ranch work and outdoor recreation which surround me daily.


Responses to the haiku for 18 April 2008 by Mike Farley

    2008-04-18 10:40:56

    in the mirror
    same face as yesterday
    sun's reflection


    Frances Ruth Harris (yarrisfr at yahoo dot com)
    2008-04-18 11:41:17

    Yes! Perhaps you are a new man you are
    unable to recognize yet?

    Emelie Buckner
    2008-04-18 13:01:32

    loved the Mike farely haiku.
    I've been to Montana many years ago - 1982 wonderful inspirational scenery there.
    here's my answer taken from an English landscape

    Daffodils tremble;
    April showers drench the earth:
    Seedlings kiss the sun.

    Andrea (andrea dot cecon at gmail dot com)
    2008-04-18 13:13:34


    don miller
    2008-04-18 13:18:18

    Good one, Mike - Glad to see you back on the site!

    Becky Beard
    2008-04-18 13:40:34

    Wow! That's gorgeous!

    Mike Farley
    2008-04-18 14:17:13

    Outstanding haiku...when I first read it, I thought perhaps my wife had secretly penned it using my I.D.--I am in my late 30's and feel your pain. ;0)

    mike farley
    2008-04-18 15:26:09

    You mean there's two of us out here? I'm 68 so you must be a son I never knew about.

    the old mike

    Bill Kenney
    2008-04-18 16:54:05

    Twice the man you used to be? Or, in the light of the ages, 1.5 times the man you used to be?

    Anyway, your ku touches a nerve with me.

    H. Gene Murtha (hgmurtha at gmail dot com)
    2008-04-19 05:20:47

    strikes a cord with me also Mike. Enjoyed,
    oh, it looks like you have a great kid too.
    I guess since he writes in upper case, he's taller?

    toby evans
    2008-04-19 12:01:05

    here is the land of the free and the home of the drugged i'm sure there's something out there that can restore you to wholeness...

    bright blue pill...
    twice the man
    i was at thirty

    2008-04-19 14:41:01

    Hi, Mike!

    I close my eyes.
    With me
    the night...

    2008-04-19 15:24:43

    "Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be"
    "There's a shadow hanging over me,
    "Oh, yesterday came suddenly".
    The above first line of the Beatles song without the words "Suddenly and I'm", are probably coincidental. I do believe it was.

    Felica Sah
    2008-04-19 16:56:51

    Mike - I LOVE your haiku. I am a woman, but I can still relate to the feeling which lingers at the heart of your words; this makes your haiku universal (in my opinion). Bravo to you!
    Please keep them coming.

    mike farley
    2008-04-20 09:31:24

    Thank you everyone. "Pale" is how I felt at that particular moment. Other times I feel this way . . .

    feeling my oats . . .
    a bullfrog above the din
    of pond noise


    Bill Kenney
    2008-04-21 08:20:41

    Not the most important thing in the world, but, for me, the echo of the Beatles song adds something. Of course, the expression itself is even older than the Beatles. (Sadly, they're just half the Beatles they used to be, and that adds something, too.)

    Alan Summers
    2008-04-22 09:07:36

    Haiku work well on many levels including allusion, so whether intentional or not, a great nod to The Beatles, and earlier references of 'half the man' etc...

    b. m. richardson (orgbob at webtv dot net)
    2008-04-26 04:06:11

    methinks, less we forget, the countless men and women, over the aeons, this thought, "half the man/woman", has come and will come to possess, too soon the hour; long before and after the beatles.
    in one's haste to unfavorably critique, one's shortsightedness is typically exposed.


    brown leaf
    flittering among the green leaves
    this english sparrow

    Bernard Gieske (bvgieske at insightbb dot com)
    2008-10-27 05:38:41

    Recognise the feeling. Mirrors tell us so many things whether we want to hear them or not.